About Me

Just a little about me to set the scene. My spiritual journey started around 2012, like for many people, the Universe engineered life events that made me wake up and find meaning to my existence. It can take years and years to realise that you aren’t fully awake and that there is more to life than what you have experienced up to that point, when you were so busy being a mum or dad, working, or dealing with the day to day physical pressures of life. And then suddenly one day you start asking yourself very probing questions about what you are doing here on Earth, what the point of all this is, and you start having to look at yourself and the picture isn’t always pretty. Finding meaning, finding purpose, finding yourself, learning to love yourself when you have spent your life doing everything for others and forgetting who you are. You have to discover who you are all over again, in my case, I’m not sure I had ever really known. It is a tough road and I have the greatest respect for everyone who is going through what some people call a midlife crisis, but in fact for many of us, it is a right of passage where you have to find your identity and rebuild your self worth after years of self sabotaging.

Anyway to cut a long story short, I started sitting in a psychic development circle with an incredible Teacher, Medium, and Psychic Surgeon, called Peter Steedman who taught me so much and opened me up to the Spirit World.

I met some extraordinary people through his group, and based on his suggestion trained in Reiki with a fabulous Reiki Master, Sharon Dando, who had first introduced me to Peter. After my Reiki training, I decided to train in Past Life Regression, and met my friend and teacher, Janet Treloar, with whom I trained in Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Spirit Release and last but not least, Channeling. This was the start of an incredible journey with her and I owe Janet so, so, so much.

I also met Sue Coulson, my friend who is an incredible Channel herself and have journeyed with her for years now, guided by her in the most life changing meditations and journeys in other realms and dimensions, but mainly connecting with Star Beings. Sue introduced me to the World of Crystals, but most importantly, was the first person to introduce me to Crystal Skulls.

The Universe has paved my way with so many incredible people, who have become dear friends. I feel truly blessed to have you in my life.