Wisdom from the Crystal Skulls Oracle Card Deck

This deck is the manifestation of a dream come true for me. Years ago a friend of mine told me that one day I would have my own deck of oracle cards. I looked at her as if she had grown two heads and wondered how she could even say such a thing! ….ME!!!!???? Creating my own deck, no chance. I loved using oracle card decks and had a very large number of them that I used on a regular basis, but I would never have imagined producing my own.

So how did this deck come to life? One day I was literally not thinking of anything, doing some healing on my husband’s shoulder in my healing room, when I felt like I had been slapped in the Third Eye. It was the most bizarre feeling of an idea entering your head, out of the blue, very clear knowing that this idea had been planted into my head by something way bigger than me. It wasn’t my idea or my thought at all. I stopped dead in my tracks and my head started spinning. I knew that I had to take it seriously, that it was important and that there was no way of not moving forward with it. The message was “crystal clear!”, excuse the pun, I had just been told in no uncertain terms that I had to create an Oracle Card Deck with Crystal Skulls messages on them. The rest happened very fast. I contacted Philippe Ullens to ask him if he would consider working with me on this crazy project. I explained that I would channel messages from the Skulls. He agreed to lend me the Skulls I needed and to photograph them for the Deck. This all took place in the middle of the lockdown of 2020, when he was busy organising the re-opening of his shop and had a million other things to do. I am so grateful to him for agreeing to do this. He believed in me and told me that when people come to him with ideas, he always tries to facilitate them since becoming the Caretaker of the Henge Shop in Avebury. I can’t thank him and Dominique, his wife, enough for their encouragement, their unfailing welcome every time I turned up out of the blue to come and borrow Skulls from their collection. What a total privilege it has been to work with them on this project.

I couldn’t have done this deck without Philippe, his passion for Skulls is contagious and his knowledge of each and every one of the Skulls in his guardianship is mindblowing. I have enjoyed spending many hours discussing the different Skulls with him, week after week. But Philippe did a lot more than this, he brought the Skulls to life through his talent as a photographer. Philippe’s photos, as you will discover in the deck and in other pictures he took for individual messages posted on this site, are astounding. They show off the beauty of each of the Skulls he has photographed. Through his lens, we get to discover and dive deep into the Soul of the Skulls. We become part of them. He enables the synergy, the melding of two souls: that of the recipient with the Skull. It is true “soul food”, as he calls it, for people who are connecting with his pictures. He produces works of art through his camera. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Philippe and Dominique, for everything that you have done to enable me to produce this deck.

The Oracle Card deck is available for purchase by emailing me directly at clea@crystalskullswisdom.com and paying via a paypal link.

or on the Henge Shop webiste. The link is:


Some of the very special skulls that have featured in the deck are available for sale on www.hengeskulls.com