Thank You's

The biggest thank you goes to Philippe and Dominique Ullens, from the Henge Shop in Avebury, for they have been so instrumental to the birthing of this deck. Without Philippe's trust and support every step of the way, this deck of Oracle Cards would not be here today. Philippe's photographs are works of art that are making this deck into something very special. Thank you so much Philippe and Dominique for everything you have done to help me get these cards out into the world.

Huge thanks to Sue Coulson, my friend and incredibly talented Crystal Skull expert and channel. She has taught me so much on how to work with Skulls. She introduced me to them and I will forever be grateful for all the guidance and teaching I have received from her. Sue is one of these exceptional human beings who are here to facilitate our connection with Star Beings, the Mineral Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom and so much more. Her knowledge of Crystals and Crystal Skulls is immense and she shares it with so much joy and kindness.

To Ali Lord, my lovely friend, for being the first to see the deck and give me the confidence and push to trust enough in what I was doing. Thank you for your invaluable feedback and for telling me to “big myself up” instead of doing the opposite all the time. Ali spent hours and hours helping me by going through and testing the deck. You have been an absolute Godsend, thank you so, so much.

To Janet Treloar, the most incredible teacher, and dear friend, who introduced me to channelling and taught me such a lot. Janet and Zac (Janet channels Zac who is an aspect of the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul) have encouraged me throughout my journey and Zac provided me with the confirmation that the Skulls had chosen me to do this. Any time I feel my confidence wavering, I reach out and read his words of encouragement and confirmation. I owe Janet and Zac an incredible amount.

To Peter Steedman who started me on my spiritual journey many, many years ago, when I sat in his weekly psychic development circle. You opened my eyes to a whole new world, you broadened my horizon, you taught me so much about the Spirit world. I will be forever grateful to you.

To my lovely family, who have always given me unwavering support. To my husband and children, I love you so so much. You are just amazing and I could never have done this without your love and almighty kick up the backside when I doubted I could do it.

To all my “spiritual” friends who have been so positive and full of love and encouragement for this project. You are awesome. I am so privileged to have met you on the many workshops, extravaganzas, training sessions, and much more that we have all attended. And to all my other friends who have been part of my life for a long time, for your support throughout the highs and lows.

To Finn Laslett for doing the artwork and layout of the cards. You have put up with so many changes and re-jigs from me, but have done such an excellent job.

To Annie Gedye for keeping the essence of the channelled messages when proofreading this booklet. You have done a superb job at tuning into the energies, in order to maintain the integrity of the text, whilst removing all the grammatical errors, etc. Thank you, Annie, for adding your beautiful energy to this deck.

To Elizabeth HeartStar, the Guardian of HeartStar, a very special Ancient Crystal Skull, for allowing me to include a message from HeartStar into this deck of cards. Thank you so much, Elizabeth and HeartStar for trusting me, I am truly grateful.

I know that I am forgetting many, and sorry for not mentioning you by name, but I feel truly blessed to be so supported and loved by you all.

And finally to the Skulls, who have been so kind and patient with me, who have held my hand and encouraged me all the way. They were not going to let me off the hook, they planted the idea into my head and everything fell into place at lightning pace; titles, words, pictures, it just flowed and flowed and flowed. Thank you for letting me connect with you, for imparting your wisdom and on occasions acting as the conduit for the words of others to come through. Your messages are for All to hear.

It is my greatest pleasure to introduce you to the Wisdom from the Skulls Deck of Oracle Cards. You will hopefully like some of the cards, but probably not all of them. Some will make you feel uncomfortable, some will leave you cold, some will bring you joy. Some will talk to you and some won’t. You will feel a deep connection with some, but I am certain, not with all. This is just how it was designed to be, by them, by the Skulls themselves. They chose which Skulls had to be in the deck. See what you think. Enjoy meeting them one by one.

And last but not least, thank you to YOU, for being on this page and being interested in the Wisdom from the Crystal Skulls Oracle Card Deck. Thank you for trusting your instinct and listening to your inner voice. The Skulls have a message for you. Let them connect with you at a deep level. This deck is a very high vibration deck with a whole level of codes and light encrypted and embedded within the pictures and channeled messages that you may not consciously realise, but be assured that it is there and it is working for you, for Your Highest Good.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and hope that your journey with the Skulls will be profound and life changing, and that they will support and guide you on your journey through Life.