How did Crystal Skulls come into my life?

My first encounter with a Crystal Skull happened a few years ago, when my friend Sue Coulson, who is a crystal healer, channel, incredible Crystal Skull expert, and so much more, introduced me to her own Crystal Skull called Tony. At that point in my life, I was quite repulsed by Skulls and had no intention to get anywhere near one. But during one of Sue’s workshops, she invited me to hold Tony, her special Zebra Stone Crystal Skull, for a few minutes and I was blown away by the energy that emanated from Tony. I ended up holding him for the rest of the workshop and the experience of journeying with Tony was magnified 100 fold. It was literally mind blowing. This was my first encounter of channelling with a Skull and WOW, I will never forget it. I subsequently had many sessions with Sue using Skulls for connections to other realms and dimensions, and every time, the Skull acted as a transmitter, healer, activator, or whatever else we needed to receive during that session. The gifts that the Skulls bring are endless and we will get more into that in a moment. For now, suffice it to say that I was totally sold on the idea of working with Skulls and acquired a few of my own. My most precious one being the brother of Tony, called “Terre”. It is a very powerful Skull that I use for a lot of my channelling and gives me very strong and clear access to other dimensions and realms, and particularly to Star Beings.

During this journey with the Skulls, I met Philippe Ullens and his wife Dominique, the owners of the Henge Shop in Avebury in the United Kingdom. Philippe has been a collector of Skulls for many years and his knowledge of the Skulls and connection to them is way beyond anyone else I have ever met. He is so passionate about them and the Skulls have been inextricably linked to him for many years.

Philippe and I decided to work on creating an oracle card deck during the strange times of the lock down in 2020, starting during the month of June just before the Summer Solstice. The energy of creation felt very powerful and this is when this project started taking shape. We agreed that Philippe would use his photographic talents in taking astounding pictures of his Skulls and I would channel messages coming through from them for this deck.