Crystal Skulls

If you are on this website and reading this page, it means that you have a connection to Crystal Skulls and aren’t repulsed by them, as I was when I encountered them initially. You are probably very drawn to them or already work with and own some Skulls yourself, so I don’t need to convince you of why they are so wonderful. I will however give a quick overview of what Skulls do for me and how I work with them. The important point here is to know that each person works with them differently, and that there is no right or wrong way with how you do it. The connections are just as valid for everyone and so very personal!

We all have our own way to work with Crystal Skulls. Some people have Skulls simply to look at, or use them for healing, or use them for channelling and making contact with other Beings. Some people don’t do anything with them and they just sit there on the side, gathering dust. You might not own any Skulls, but simply want to dip a toe in the water because there is something that is drawing you to them. Whatever your relationship with your or anyone else’s Skulls is, it doesn’t matter, and it is perfect as it is.

Personally I feel they have some very powerful characteristics that can be activated if you decide to invest time into your Skulls. Here are some of the ones I personally consider the most interesting:

  • I love that they absorb, share and transfer energy and information. The downside is that you need to be mindful about clearing them of other people’s energy when they have come into contact with someone else, or you might find yourself affected by their emotions through the Skull and not realise it!

  • Skulls link you to the Collective Cosmic Consciousness and allow you to tap into the Akashic Record in effect, like a Giant Giant Giant computer that holds all the information about everything.

  • They allow you to channel just about anything because they act as a broadcaster of particular frequencies, therefore as long as you can tune into the frequency of the “other”, you can receive and interpret what is being transmitted through the quartz (or particular crystalline structure) of the Skull. They are literally like the most advanced computer we will ever dream of creating.

  • All Skulls, old or new, are made up of materials (the crystals) that are ancient, and because the crystals come from deep inside the Earth and have been there for eons, the new Skulls are potentially just as powerful as Ancient Ones.

  • In summary, Skulls can allow you to:

    • Raise your consciousness and the Consciousness of Humanity as a Whole

    • Gain insights, guidance and wisdom from other realms and dimensions

    • Heighten your intuition

    • Improve your psychic abilities

    • Calm your mind and bring peace and calm to your environment or space

    • Achieve greater clarity

    • Reach higher levels of concentration

    • Deepen your meditations

    • Heal on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level

    • Program your Skull to hold higher frequencies to attract, create and manifest your dreams

    • Heal the Earth, the Ley Lines, the Crystalline Grids